Lockdown Is The Right Time To Reuse Old Clothes

We all are having a tough time while facing this pandemic. Well, whatever may be the case; the current lockdown has brought ample opportunities to revamp our wardrobes. Streamlining your clothes is the ideal project when you are at home – and will set you up to be creatively occupied during such periods of infinite home-staying. Who knows what’s in the store for fashion in 2020!

 “REUSE & RECYCLE” is the motto

Begin with de-cluttering your wardrobe as the first step. So, think about your worn-out tees, old denim, handbags or, sneakers which you are planning to discard, and give them a new life. Some mixed selections, stud pairs, or just going by “informed dressing” is the type of style you need to be considering during the lockdown. It will begin once you start looking at your closet deeply. Recycling and Reusing these old materials will not only help you using your time more efficiently but also give a new life to those old pieces.

Get the cool look you have been longing for. ( add images for each DIY title )

Love tees and torn jeans? It’s the quickest to DIY. Have you tried wearing those set of jeans that are filling up your wardrobe? Or are they simply idling as the ignored lot?

Do you like ripped jeans? Time to make your own pair of ripped jeans

DIY Ripped Jeans

  • Pick a pair of scissors and tweezers
  • Cut some horizontal strips
  • Pluck out all the blue/black threads VERTICALLY using the tweezers

Your ripped jeans are ready.

You can also cut short your denim or pajamas and create a hot pant.

Hot pants

  • Pick a pair of scissors and tweezers
  • Cut the jeans from thighs measuring the length you want
  • Using the tweezers, pluck a few threads from the bottom for a funky look

Your hot pant is ready.

Make your simple t-shirts into season’s trend

Pick a tee, an old one. Cut patches from arms or the waist portion. Get that cropped look done with your magical mind and scissors. Cut the t-shirt any length you want and sew it from the ends. Pair up the tees, shirts with palazzo, denim or pants. Who knows you could get an awesome match from the vast collection of your wardrobe itself.

Also, you can jazz up your old teas into stylish knot tops or wrap tops.

DIY Knotted Top

  • Wear any old Tee or Tank top you want to reuse
  • Pick a rubber band
  • Fold a loop from a side in the shape of a banana
  • Tie the loop with the rubber band
  • Fold the loop inside

Your figure-flattering knotted top is ready

Note- You may even make the loop at the back, front, or any side you want.

Say hello to the Folkloric side of you-

Who doesn’t love ethnic apparel! There must be a few drop-dead gorgeous sets you hardly wear and you wouldn’t wanna part with them as there is something sentimental about those chic pieces of clothing for you.

Ready for some tips! Let’s do it!

Pick a few Kurtis & try it out on your denim collection. Yes, fusion works and it’s in trend. Believe it or not! Ethnic Kurtis looks awesome when worn with jeans. Or How about converting your Dupatta into a sexy scarf.

Now you are ready to wear the transformed crop top with the dupatta cum scarf, along with your rugged denim. Bingo! You just nailed it with a killer look!

Now Try this:

Also, you can finish up your long pending stitching chores with Singer’s sewing machine.

Go ahead, make a fitting, or stitch a button. Or maybe you can create an awesome clutch to carry with the reused dresses. This lockdown can turn you into a fashion connoisseur. Try digging in your wardrobe and share the tips with your buddies.