Brand History


The Singer brand has stood the test of time because we always believe in starting something new.

Did you know? Singer was involved in Manhattan real estate in the 1800s and the 47-story Singer building was then, the tallest building in the world.

With every year, Singer has evolved to adapt to the changing demands of the world. From the first basic practical sewing machine developed in 1854 to the hugely popular range of modern electric sewing machines, the ‘Fashion Makers’, Singer has used modern technology to make life easy for our customers.


Our Indian branch, Singer India Limited (SIL), headquartered in New Delhi was established in the year 1977. With more than 140 years of helping people express themselves through our range of products, Singer has come to be a trusted brand that has touched a lot of lives in our momentous journey.
Did you know? We recently celebrated the 160th anniversary of Isaac Singer’s patent on the first practical sewing machine.

From the very beginning, our goal was to become and remain the leading manufactures of sewing machines and our other products. Over the passage of time, we realized we want to go beyond just sewing machines and venture in home appliances.
Because we believed we could give our valued customers appliances that they can fully depend on, no matter what. With food processors, mixer grinders, sandwich toaster makers and a lot more, our products are not just technologically advanced but they are also beautifully designed.
Each and every Singer product today is made of superior components that will make everyday moments in people’s life, more special.
Did you know? The Singer sewing machine was the first complex standardized technology to be mass marketed!