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Create magic with your hands and let your heart lead you to craft designs that you have always wanted to! Singer sewing machines have been leading a change amongst people from various sections of the society and have enabled scores of women to create fashion at the tip of their fingers. It is this trust that has made Singer sewing machines an integral part of every household for generations.

‘Live the New’ that will reinvent the way you stitch!


Zig-zag Fashion Maker

If you are looking for a robust machine with an array of features, SINGER Fashion Maker is the answer for your everyday sewing needs. An automatic fashion maker to make sewing more delightful!

Straight Stitch

The original sewing machine design, straight stitch makes all your creations come alive. Found in most traditional homes, it is known for its durability, quality and sturdiness

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Give wings to your creative dreams and become the entrepreneur you always wanted to! With the Singer industrial sewing machines, stitching and fashion become seamless.


Infuse joy in every creation with a variety of Singer accessories at your disposal. The right tools coupled with your sewing skills, make stitching a joyful experience.

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