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‘It’s not how big the house is, it’s how happy the home is’ and Singer ensures that they prove this adage true. Invest in an amazing range of Singers home appliances and make your home a comfortable abode. Right from fabric care to ceiling fans, heaters to coolers, our range of home appliances are committed to make it simple and easy each day.

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Fabric Care

Give your delicate and beautiful clothes the care they deserve. Our range of steam irons and dry irons keep the fabric of your clothes intact, without damaging their texture.


Singers’ range of room heaters and water heaters makes living much easier and hassle-free. Invest in a lifetime of happiness and keep your loved ones warm and comfortable every day!

Heater- Singer India
Coolers - Singer India


Summers are the worst if spent without coolers. Singers’ range of coolers comes in various sizes and capacities that are apt for any home.