Kitchen Appliances



Share your love for cooking with your loved ones; experience the new and delightful range of kitchen appliances from Singer that makes cooking easier. Integrating a perfect mix of technology and experience, Singer kitchen appliances bring out that hidden chef in you. Be delighted with a variety of mixer-grinders, hand blenders and food processors that are a must to complete every kitchen.

Breakfast-Kit- Singer India

Breakfast Kit

Wake up to some amazing culinary delights each day. Our range of breakfast kit helps you prepare your first meal in an instant. Eat healthy everyday!


Singer presents to you a wonderful assortment of cooking appliances that make preparing a meal absolutely delightful. Their sleek designs compliment your modern kitchen perfectly

Food Preparation Mixture - Singer India

Food Preparation

Food is the most integral part of our existence. Create a variety of food preparations with our amazing, easy-to-use range of kitchen appliances that cater to all household need