Our objective, as a company is to offer benchmark products that our consumers love to use. Naturally, a lot of people express interest in joining Singer to forward their careers. We love rewarding career opportunities to enthusiastic and aspiring professionals. All you need is a generous amount of motivation and the necessary skill, together with an ample amount of self-confidence and the endless hunger to succeed, so you can contribute positively towards our growth.
As an employer, our primary objective is to create an atmosphere of trust and confidence, where you are given freedom to exercise your creativity while being given expert guidance. We want you to challenge ideas, take more risks, get along famously with team-members and think unconventionally. We evaluate you based on your performance as well as your future potential. We aim to staff management positions from our existing ranks, by singling out individuals who exhibit a high amount of leadership potentials and then grooming them towards achieving greatness in the corporate world.
We love having fun as well! Our Christmas and New Year celebrations are well-known! Gifts, sweets and memories are the primary take-away from our bashes! We believe in maintaining a healthy balance of work and fun in our organizational environment. Efficient, dynamic and highly eclectic, our team comprises of people from all parts of the country and from myriad walks of life. The only binding common factor? Their positive attitude and result-driven performance!