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For most cooking lovers, having a few kitchen tips or hacks handy, go a long way. On an everyday basis, we face some or the other challenge while cooking regular items. The simplest of things, often seem too baffling at times. To ease your pain a little, we present to you a few simple cooking hacks that will make life much easier.

1. Peeling Ginger: One of the trickiest vegetables to peel because of its bumpy texture; you can now easily peel ginger evenly by using a spoon.

2. Hand blender: One of the easiest kitchen tools used in cooking, it is perfect to make purées directly in a vessel or in a pot. You do not need to use mixer-grinders for making pulps any more. Make a soup or a Spinach purée or even tasty sauces; hand blender will be your best friend while cooking.

3. Freeze it: If you love cooking, you are bound to try new dishes every now and then. Many gravies and sauces require stock or wine to be used. Simply freeze the wine or vegetable / chicken stock in ice trays to use it later. Add them to your sauce or gravy without compromising with the taste.

4. Freeze it right: If you have leftover stew or broth or minced meat, you can easily freeze it and reuse it. The flatter the dish, quicker it will be to freeze and defrost. It is a noted fact; the longer a dish takes to freeze there is more damage to its cellular levels. Use zip pouches and flat dishes next time you think about freezing something.

5. Read the recipe: For most of us trying out new dishes we like to nose dive in this “project” almost too soon. We often forget to read the recipe carefully and just skim through it. Keeping all ingredients handy will only save you time while cooking.

6. Sharpened Knives: No one likes a blunt knife especially while chopping tomatoes or pulpy vegetables and fruits. Keep a small knife sharpener handy to lessen your cooking woes.

7. Cloth towel: Lay cloth towels at the base of the crisper where you store vegetables. This will reduce the dampness in the vegetables and prolong their life, when kept open. Paper will tend to make them moist over time.

8. Noodles or Pasta: Probably a frequently made dish at home, now get non-sticky pasta or noodles instantly. After boiling the pasta or noodles, strain them in a big strainer and rinse it thoroughly under cold water. This will ensure they do not stick to each other.

9. Boiling Pasta: To get best results and make boiling pasta easier, add your favourite pasta after the water stars boiling. This will make boiling it faster.

10. Peeling potatoes or eggs: Add a pinch of salt while boiling eggs or potatoes to make peeling its skin and shells, easy.

These quick cooking hacks will not only save time but help you make tasty dishes every day. More useful tips and advice to follow regularly…