Personal Grooming



Personal grooming is as important as looking great every day. Personal grooming is not restricted to only make up and nail paints; it extends to every part of your body. Today we will discuss certain basic tips to keep you looking gorgeous every day.

Be it our body or mind, we need to groom it to have a significant impact on our life every day. The following tips and tricks offer that much needed respite for grooming yourself perfectly-

1. Hair: Grow your hair only if you can maintain it. We often forget to give our hair that much needed nourishment, making it dry and frizzy very early in life. Trimming your hair regularly, oiling it on a weekly basis, using quality conditioner and shampoo and going for hair spa once in every 3 months, will keep them looking young and bouncy. Do not make use of a hair dryer too often as it will make your hair dry and dull, causing split ends!

2. Skin: Applying layers of foundation and make up will not solve a deep rooted problem; instead it will only aggravate it. Keep your skin hydrated by having a lot of water every day (average 2 ltrs. Per day) to keep it young and glowing. Remove make up every night before sleeping and do not apply any cream or lotion in the night. This will help the skin get rehydrated.

3.Feet: These are probably the most neglected parts of our body. We spend hours getting dressed and applying make-up but do not find ten minutes in our schedule to groom our feet. Soak your feet in salt water every night for 5 – 7 minutes and then apply petroleum jelly to avoid cracks. Get a pedicure done once a month to avoid dead skin and deep cracks.

4. Hands: Our hands work very hard every day doing many chores in the house and outside. Giving them a much needed manicure will help them be hydrated and looking young. You can also apply moisturiser every night before sleeping so that they remain soft.

5. Body hygiene: People do not realize, more often than I would like believe, that they have a peculiar body odour or smell that is extremely irritating for others. Sweat glands underneath our underarms cause and apply roll-on deodorants or anti-fungal powders to avoid this smell. Another important aspect is to have plenty of water to keep the sweat glands dry.

It is not a hidden fact that many of us associate our level of self confidence by the way we look and feel. To keep you looking gorgeous each day, these basic personal grooming tips come extremely handy.

Watch out for more personal grooming tips in our forthcoming updates…