Beat the heat with Singer’s summer essentials

The blazing sun and the rise in outdoor temperature that makes the summers so hot and difficult. But don’t worry about the soaring temperature.


 So, before you start getting the Summer blues here are some simple ways to stay summer safe and keep it cool!


There is a bundle of ways to face the summer heat and keeping yourself summer-friendly. The blazing weather could be harsh at times, but thanks to the “summer essentials” range of products by Singer India. Singer’s summer essential keeps you cool and you can finally “Chill” in the scorching temperature. Time to bid goodbyes to the summer heatwaves. Read ahead to find out Singer’s cooling products.


You will be a fan of Singer’s fan

Are you desperately in search of the best fan available to tame the heatwave? Well, then you landed in the right place. Singer India offers a wide range of ceiling, pedestal, wall and farrata fans that do not let you endure the hot-sticky summer phases, and sleepless nights. The fans here are best for rooms of all sizes. Small, middle or large, everything for everyone. With rust-resistant powder coated outer finish, they add a striking look to the interiors. Silent operation with the highest speed and double ball bearing. Not to forget the aluminium die-cast motor body with aluminium blades and a lot of other features. 

Check out the complete range of fans here:


Stay cool with the coolers

Singer’s room coolers are perfect for homes, offices, shops, and mostly for people living in apartments and studio flats. Singer has coolers for every need. Singer India has air coolers that can run on inverters and keeps on cooling. The vast range of Singer’s air cooler enables us to pick the right one. With features including less power consumption, huge water tank capacity, high air delivery, ice chambers for enhanced cooling, castor wheels for easy portability, inverter compatible, Plus, it comes with a year warranty. So, be prepared to beat the heat.

You can find the complete range of coolers here:


Fridge- It’s thanda all time

In such weather, Refrigerators have become a necessity rather than a luxury. Singer’s refrigerators are a blend of both. With a whole range of added features, improved technology, and status speaking style, Singer’s refrigerators are undoubtedly the best summer essential. The Maxichill range bears capacity from 49 ltr to 220 ltr, semi-automatic defrost system, direct cool technology, crisper and humidity controller for longer freshness, antibacterial removable door gasket, eco-friendly refrigerant and more such incredible features. Perfect for those looking out for single door pocket-friendly refrigerators. 

The entire range is available here:


Mixer- Summer friendly drinks

If you’ve lost the motivation to hit the pavement because of the burning sun, then it’s time to drink healthy & stay cool. The summer is upon us; soon our soothing chai and coffee would give way to cool smoothies and shakes, and we cannot be more excited for the transition. And anyway, what could be better than a chilled drink! Singer’s mixer is best for preparing amazing summer-friendly drinks. Its compact design gives your kitchen more space to put things on. It’s Shockproof ABS body is an added feature. Singer’s mixer is a summer essential for sure.

The entire range is here:


Hand Blender- Blend healthy 

Scorching heat might bring restlessness, as there are plenty of reasons to bemoan the summers. With Singer’s hand blender comes a reason to make those summer-friendly tummy-fillers. Blend, whip, crush, emulsify or puree, do a lot with this small-looking hand blender, and make tempting summer-desserts. Its elegant design makes you go ‘wow’, with up to 300 watts motor, this is a perfect summer essential and a ‘must-have’ in your kitchen.  


As we get to be summer-ready, a lot of Singer’s Appliances out there surely provide the best options. Beat the heat with these summer essentials and have a happy-healthy Season!!