Singer India live sewing E-learning program – In pursuit of an AtmanirbarBharath

At a time when the world is bracing through one of the toughest health pandemics in human history,  people’s earnings have taken a back seat creating some tough economic challenges for every country.

Nevertheless, as more & more organizations & companies are trying to deal with this economic debacle, their actions certainly seem to provide more hope than despair for those who are trying to seek new avenues of employment & income opportunities. 
In light of the above economic situation, Singer India has launched  “sewing made easy “ live online sewing course(s) to empower the needy, with an aim to offer vocational life skills in the field of sewing.

Learn sewing online right from the comfort of home

The online sewing course empowers those looking for a career option, especially for women living in India’s tier 2 cities & small towns. Also, it helps them deal with the livelihood challenges during the lockdown period.
Therefore Singer India has initiated a skill training program which offers live online sewing courses in order to create a lucrative source of income.

Moreover, since the above skill training program comes as a live online course so one need not go anywhere. Therefore sitting right at the comfort of one’s home, the student (participant) can attend the online learning course on sewing. Indeed the online mode allows women to manage the home as well as makes it easy to get trained.
The course not only helps women acquire the necessary skills in sewing but the course is very affordable as it is reasonably priced.

“Sewing made easy” – Courses that benefits one and all

Singer India live online sewing course is beneficial to people from all backgrounds & age groups.
On the one hand, it inspires married women to learn the art of sewing, as they can take up the 3-month basic fashion course, which prepares one to stitch clothes for the family.  On the other hand, it can help new mothers in making clothes for their babies. However, those who would like to take up sewing for professional reasons, can enroll in the 6-month advanced fashion course. For newbies, who are completely new to sewing can take up the 1-month crash course as a hobby course. The one-month course would allow the learner to create, fancy cloth items or handbags made out of old clothes like jute or denim. In fact, one can even learn the art of embroidery work which adds more creativity to one’s passion for sewing, etc.