The hottest season of the year, summer, is here to soak you in the scorching rays of sun. Leather jackets and monkey caps have been replaced by cotton tees and shorts. The season brings sunny days, leafy greens and vibrant flowers swaying as if singing in harmony with the breezy waves.
Summer is the most ideal season to go out, travel and have fun. One can easily spot kids running to the corner juice shop for Mango shakes or chasing the Ice-cream vendor’s honking trolley. Places like beaches and hill-stations become the most sough-after and usually huddle with people.

The season favors cold drinks, although nothing really quenches your thirst. The sun may set, but the heat can make you lose your cool and affect your overall health. Hence, it is important to consume adequate liquids and maintain a proper diet to tackle the blazing summer heat. During the season, you may feel like spending the rest of your days in the bath tub with cold water splashing down, balancing your body temperature which unfortunately isn’t possible. However, with new aerodynamic cooling fans you can definitely control the temperature at your home.
Power-cuts are annoyingly common during the season and your fragile inverter batteries will not be able to provide enough voltage for air conditioners.

Now, Singer won’t really change the weather or pay for your hefty electricity bills, but our amazing range of fans can reduce electricity consumption costs while complementing your room’s décor. The range includes cooling fans for versatile placements so that the air gets circulated in every nook and cranny of your home. The range includes different types of fans suiting different needs such as Aerostar for daily use, table fans and wall fans for office purpose, and Aerostar LED for setting the mood for parties. This season, switch to Singer fans featuring powerful motor, aluminum blades and aerodynamic design that will surely help you beat the heat with ease.

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