What Makes New Year Celebrations Special At Home

Happiness is doubled when shared and with the new year 2019 approaching in less than a week, everyone is busy making plans for the special day, there is cheer in the talks and smile on everyone’s faces. The excitement of entering into the New Year which holds endless opportunities for everyone, makes us welcome it with utmost enthusiasm and anticipation.

This is the time of the year when friends and family take out time for their loved ones to bind in the feeling of togetherness and affection. Countless memories, infinite laughter, heavenly food & undying love for one another is what brings us closer and makes these moments even more special.

Ringing in the festivities at the comfort of our homes is one of the most treasured way of welcoming the new year. Whether singing, dancing, sitting around the bonfire, clicking photographs or chit-chatting away to glory, there is one celebration partner which remains constant throughout – Food. When there is a get-together, there is food. When there is a celebration, it is incomplete without the delectable dishes. Right from relishing variety of sandwiches from sandwich makers to sipping a warm cup of tea beside your bed with electric kettle, there is a food for every mood. Remember the time when we fought for the last slice of freshly baked pizza made at home? Or stuffed our mouth with the yummy cakes baked by mom in the OTG? And the wide spread of dishes and cuisines cooking on the gas stove which engulfed the house with aroma of flavours. Well, our inclination towards food certainly enhances the celebrations and adds to the fun times. Photographs to capture every moment keeps these tiny memories intact forever.

There is a plethora of moments that brings back waves of happy memories that we share year on year with our loved ones. This New Year, we hope to repeat everything with the same excitement and joy with the highest wishes for everyone around us.

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