Kitchen is the central hub of your home and a refrigerator is a centerpiece that adds to the look and feel of your kitchen. As everyone likes their drinks cool and icy, most people spend an extravagant amount of money on a refrigerator that suits their needs and matches their kitchen’s décor of course. However, refrigerators do not look as shiny in the inside as they do on the outside as they are usually jam-packed with leftover vegetables while the freezer is cramming with ice-creams and soft drinks.

Now, before you step out in the market in pursuit of a refrigerator of your dreams you might want to consider a few important factors. Like analyzing the space you can spare for your refrigerator as buying a large double-door refrigerator for a small room may not be worth it. Secondly, the cost of the refrigerator must be considered as well. A refrigerator that fits in the given space and meets budget constraints is what everyone needs. Singer as always has addressed the need of the hour by introducing the new Maxi Chill SRDE 2053 refrigerator to suit the different needs of the users without putting much strain on their pockets.

The Maxi Chill SRDE 2053 by Singer is a budget-friendly refrigerator that preserves your food and is not heavy on your pocket. As the name suggests it provides a chill pill to the user by keeping the food fresh and cool and also reduces the rate at which the food deteriorates. The refrigerator offers a decent storage capacity of 195liters so that you can store your veggies, drinks, ice-creams and much more without ever worrying about running out of space. The anti-bacterial technology of the refrigerator also hinders the growth of bacteria that could cause illness and spoil food. The refrigerator is powered by a single phase 230 V 50Hz power supply. The energy efficient-compressor ensures low power consumption which in turn saves on your electricity bills. All these features at such affordable pricing make the Maxi Chill SRDE 2053 a tough competitor in the refrigerator market.

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