Days during summer seem to go on forever with mornings brighter than ever and evenings still permeated with daylight. As the temperature rises by few notches, fans fail to keep the temperature cool.

Everything is perfect about summer until the heat starts draining us and all we wish to do is plan a trip to a hill station. But, have you ever entertained the possibility of achieving the cool of a hill station at your home? We bet not, and that is why Singer promises to cool you off by creating such an environment.

Considering the significant rise in temperature, Singer has come up with new designs and fantastic features to help you tackle the heat. Singer Room coolers feature Stylish Front with Horizontal Louvers, Motorized Vertical Louvers Movement, with a water level window and a drain plug for easy cleaning. From easy mobility to being inverter compatible Singer room coolers give you the best of features without weighing too much on your wallet. A cooler consumes less than one forth of the power compared to AC and is easy to install and maintain.

Room Coolers always have an edge over Air Conditioners as they are easy to set up and eco-friendly as they do not emit harmful gases such as CFC, HCFC. While ACs could burn a hole in your pocket, room coolers,meet every individual’s budget constraints. So, Singer is here with a newly launched range of room coolers which is surely pocket-friendly and will give you the perfect environment by adding an elegant look to your room. Singer coolers range from Personal Coolers to Dessert Coolers to suit every individual’s need. Also, Singer coolers are made with smart features such as Honeycomb Cooling pad, Ice chamber and remote-control operation.

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